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Sewer and Septics

Wickenburg has the only public sewer in the area, so unless you are in reach of the Wickenburg Sewer system then you are probably looking at a septic system.  There are few exceptions to this as some of the recent developers have or will soon be building private sewer systems for their developments.

Living with a conventional septic
A conventional septic system is rarely a hassle in this area.  In most areas the soil is well suited to a septic system.  The perk rate is neither too fast nor too slow.  A properly installed and functional septic system should run without any problems or need any maintenance for many years.  When you purchase a home, the law requires that the septic tank be pumped and inspected.  In my experience the most common problem found is tree roots growing into the system.  Besides tree roots they sometimes find a baffle out of place, or sometimes a cap that has broken.  The bottom line is that if you buying a house, you can rest assured that the septic tank will be inspected and functional.  Some people insist that you can't use a garbage disposal with a septic, and others insist on using special toilet paper, but I can tell you that I have observed 100's of households who treat their septic system just like a sewer without any ill affects.

What is a septic system?
The EPA has a great document addressing this very question:  Click Here

Basically a septic tank is a Concrete or Fiberglass tank buried under ground.  As the waste collects in the tank the liquid and solids separate, and bacteria forms naturally to break down the majority of the solids.  The liquid will eventually flow out through leach lines into a drain field of gravel, and then into the soil.  The gravel and the soil act as a biological filter.

Areas that won't accommodate a septic


Alternative Septics

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